• pet boarding and dog boarding in Weston, WI
  • dog training and puppy training in Weston, WI

Playful Paws provides dog boarding, dog grooming, dog training and more in Wausau and Weston, WI.

For more information or to book your for boarding please call, 715-355-0255.

pet daycare in Weston, WI

Daycare is a fun interactive environment that allows your dog to be cage free, in supervised play areas. With indoor and outdoor play space, daycare is a great way to reduce energy and have fun. Learn more...

dog boarding in Weston, WI

Boarding allows you to go out of town or attend a special event where taking your dog may not be possible. Dogs are supervised overnight, as they select an area of the daycare they wish to sleep in. Learn more...

pet training classes in Weston, WI

Dogs don’t come trained, so training offers a great way to learn to teach your dog how to respond to different environments. We offer private and group trainings and classes. Learn more...